Divinely You Skincare and More is a unique spa treatment room located inside Serenity by Zen in Westlake. The name divinely you came about from my favorite chakra, The Crown Chakra, and its affirmation is I AM DIVINE. I believe connection to the spiritual world, and your higher self are the foundations of life here on earth. 

A few years ago I started on a journey of self love and energy healing. I struggled with the outer part of my mission because I battled sun damage, hormonal hyperpigmentation (melasma) and scaring. I started to become very interested in skincare and how to correct the issues I struggled with. I thought to myself, if I was determined on correcting this on myself, I should help others with their external beauty battles as well.  While in school, I fell completely in love with the field and realized this was what I was meant to do. I want to help people relax, feel amazing in their own skin and be beautifully themselves. 

I intertwine mind, body and soul healing with a beauty touch. I want YOU to love YOU. 

I am a licensed Advanced Esthetician with additional certifications in dermaplaning, chemical peels, lash lift and tints, skin script products and relaxation massage. I am Certified in Reiki 2.  I am a wife to an amazing husband. I have 2 beautiful children of my own, and blessed with an amazing stepdaughter. 



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